Larry Schafer’s Leg Shavers

LOUIE: Hi ya, folks. I’m Louie Shepherd for Larry Schafer’s Leg Shavers, and you’re listening to… uh, what is this again? (BEAT) No, I was told I’d be given a script to read… (BEAT) Well, I was also told I’d be getting paid, too. But so far, it’s been a lot of… (BEAT) Well, no, I don’t think I am being unfair, if you must know. I think I’m being fairly reasonable all things considered. And I… is this still recording? Well, if it is, you do not have my permission to use any of this, not until we discuss the matter of payment and, uh, what exactly it is I’m supposed to be… (BEAT) Oh, is that right? Well, thank you. Seems we’ve just had a, uh… what is it called? A misunderstanding. If you really are authorized to process payment, then I don’t see why we can’t just finish this up right now. (BEAT) What do you mean it’s good as it is? I haven’t finished reading whatever it is… (BEAT) Oh, is that right? Huh. Well, I can see that it is a waste of time. But if you really are paying me, at least one of us didn’t completely waste it.