Fight the Dawn #01: Ugh! Ugh! I’m Dying, You Idiot! October 15, 2018

The premier “issue” of an on-going collection of short, weird fiction by Steve Arviso. The stories within are intended for a highly immature, yet generally adult audience. Make of that what you will. E-zine available for free on Instagram. E-book available on Wattpad and Smashwords.  CONTENTS Introduction Dougs in Space An Uncomfortable Truth The Untimely […]

Bit of a Rattlesnake. July 25, 2018

It’s my 33rd birthday. I wrote this as a bit of self-reflection on where I am, where I came from, and what got me here. Available in Cable-Knit Sweater, a poetry collection available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. They said reach for the stars, now my dreams are pure rock and roll. So I’m sorry if […]

The Damned (aka Gallows Hill) October 31, 2018

The Damned (aka Gallows Hill), from director Victor Garcia, retells the classic tale of a bunch of idiots getting themselves stranded in the worst way possible. In this case, it’s a house in the middle of Nowhere, Columbia, and a bunch of Americans, a local TV personality, and a camera one stranded after a comically sudden and […]

American Poltergeist October 30, 2018

American Poltergeist, from director and co-writer Michael Rutkowski, is a generic haunted house movie. A group of young adults gather for a seemingly harmless time with friend only to learn the hard way that this is a horror movie. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I honestly thought people were just going to start fucking at any given […]

Romina October 29, 2018

Romina, from writer-director Diego Cohen, is what happens when someone mistakes their uninspired version of Friday the 13th for some sort of cheeky, artistic reinterpretation. In it, a group of plucky kids go to Crystal Lake (yes, it’s actually called this) and then get butchered one-by-one in a variety of ways that scream “yes, we had less […]

Curve October 28, 2018

Curve, from alleged director Iain Softley, is a thinly plotted movie with thinly veiled Christian imagery and metaphors. Coincidentally, those are also the two things worth noting about this movie. Otherwise it’s a boring, aimless film about a woman who picks up a hitchhiker and pays the price for her blatant stupidity by driving off […]

The Invitation October 27, 2018

The Invitation, from director Karyn Kusama, is a dark thriller featuring Logan Marshall-Green as Will, a man who has accepted his ex-wife’s invitation to meet up for a diner party and gathering of old friends. But then it turns out shit’s just as weird as you think it would be, because this is a horror […]

Beyond the Gates October 26, 2018

Beyond the Gates, from director and co-writer Jackson Stewart, tells the story of two brothers–one an uptight loser, the other an immature loser–reuniting following the disappearance of their father. But when they start packing up their father’s video rental store, they come across a mysterious video cassette that may have something to do with their […]

Train of the Dead October 25, 2018

There have been Snakes on a Plane, Snakes on a Train, and zombies on a Train to Busan. But when when a robbery goes wrong for a small gang of teenagers, they’ll find themselves facing off against ghosts on a train in Sukhum Mathawanit’s Train of the Dead. Someone out there will be fine with this one. Probably The […]

A Dark Song October 24, 2018

A Dark Song, from writer-director Liam Gavin, is a movie that exists. It’s about a supposedly guilt-ridden woman who recently lost her son attempting some ancient ritual that will allow her to speak with him once more. Also, the guy she pays to help her. I have no clue if any of this is true […]

Malevolent October 23, 2018

Malevolent, from director Olaf De Fleur, is yet another movie where a group of fake ghost hunters con innocent people until it turns out that ghosts might actually be real. And then it all goes horribly wrong for all these assholes. How many movies out there attempt and fail to rip-off the opening to Ghostbusters? Because […]

The Promise October 22, 2018

The Promise, a 2017 Thai horror film from director Sophon Sakdaphisit, is all about the bond between two best friends, Ib and Boum. When the market crash of 1997 sees the abrupt end of their family’s fortune and stability, the two ultimately make a suicide pact. But when one of them backs out at the […]

The Secrets of Emily Blair October 21, 2018

The Secrets of Emily Blair, from director Joseph P. Genier, is just another demon possession movie along the lines of The Exorcist. A nurse is attacked by a Dr. Giggles, something gross gets on-and-or-in her, and then she starts seeing weird things, acts weird, and generally all Puzuzu-y while her boyfriend is left to sort this […]

FirstBorn October 20, 2018

FirstBorn, from Nirpal Bhogal, is a moody, slow burn movie about a young couple, their first child, and them being plagued by ghost stuff. For years and years, apparently. I can’t tell if I love or hate FirstBorn. The first ten minutes is this slow, drawn-out sequence of a young couple on a night out, learning […]

Satanic October 19, 2018

Satanic, from director Jeffrey G. Hunt, is apparently about a group of friends who, for whatever reason, detour to some true-crime hotspots in Los Angeles only to find out that this is always a bad idea in horror movies. I guess. Because you won’t gather any of that from the way this movie opens. This […]

Most Likely to Die October 18, 2018

Most Likely to Die, from director Anthony DiBlasi, features a group of twenty-somethings (played by actors well into their 30s and 40s) all set to pre-game like crazy before their ten-year high school reunion. But when a masked killer starts picking them off one by one, they’ll realize they’re in yet another dull, uninspired slasher […]

Dig Two Graves October 17, 2018

Dig Two Graves, from writer-director Hunter Adams, features Samantha Isler as Jake Mather, a young girl struggling to cope with the death of her brother. But when three mysterious men claim to have the power to bring her brother back from the dead, Jake will find herself wrapped up in a dark, twisted game where […]

Veronica October 16, 2018

Veronica, from director and co-writer Paco Plaza, features Sandra Escacena as the titular Veronica, a catholic school girl from Madrid who finds herself under the thumb of an evil spirit after she and some friends use a Ouija board. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it. I honestly feel a little cheated. […]

The Untimely Demise of David Alexander October 15, 2018

David Alexander, age thirty-five, was a man of little consequence. A humble night-manager at a small motel in a forgotten corner of Southern California, David’s most notable accomplishment in his largely ineffectual life was actually the way in which it ended. Unfortunately for David, due to the horrific, highly improbable manner in which he–I wouldn’t […]

An Uncomfortable Truth October 15, 2018

Dear Readers, We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, somewhere in the countless possibilities that is the multiverse, there is, perhaps, one reality in which you, Dear Reader, have passed away while reading this very passage. Mayhaps it was even painful. Love, The Editor

Dougs in Space October 15, 2018

Douglas Anderson never left California in his thirty-seven years of existence. He once traveled as far north as Stockton for a one-week training seminar for a rental car company he worked for while in college. He also visited San Diego on several occasions, though he wasn’t particularly fond of it. (When pressed for a reason […]