The Vault

A slick, easy bank heist quickly sours when four robbers discover their haul is a paltry seventy-thousand dollars. But when a desperate bank employee tips them off to an old vault holding more than six-million dollars, their luck seems too good to be true. Unfortunately for them, it is. Because Continue Reading


When a teacher and her class of students are kidnapped by a group of masked, shotgun-wielding lunatics, they’ll have to do whatever it takes to make it out alive…in Fortress. CARDBOARD FORTRESS Based on the hit 1980 Australian crime novel of the same, Fortress, from director Arc Nicholson, is a Continue Reading


A strange, unexplained light only known as “The Shimmer” has swallowed a small corner of the United States, spreading slowly each day, threatening to engulf the entire country and beyond. And after her husband disappears inside The Shimmer while on exploratory mission for the army only to suddenly return home Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at the adaptation of a comic once thought unfilmable, 2009’s Watchmen! When one of their own is brutally assaulted and thrown out a high-rise window by a mysterious assailant, a former group of costumed vigilantes must solve an ever-growing mystery that Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at minimalist sci-fi horror/thriller, Circle! When fifty strangers wake to find themselves gathered and trapped in a small, dark room, there’s seemingly no way out but a swift, brutal death for everyone. But, as their numbers quickly begin to dwindle, they Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at the entertaining but total misfire adaptation of Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher! An adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Dreamcatcher tells the story of four childhood friends who were gifted strange abilities by a special needs child they saved Continue Reading


Frailty features Bill Paxton as both director and a single-father who believes that he’s been tasked by God to slay demons disguised as humans. But in the years following their father’s death, one son will carry on his family’s dark legacy while another attempts to turn in his blood-thirsty sibling. Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at the low-budget, high-concept sci-fi thriller, Vice! Bruce Willis is Julian, the entrepreneurial genius behind a company that allows people to live out all of their fantasies in an artificial world free of consequences. But when one of his creations escapes Continue Reading

Jug Face

Jug Face features Lauren Ashley Carter as Ada, a young girl who discovers that not only have her parents agreed to marry her off to their neighbor’s son, but is also next in line to be sacrificed to the faceless entity that provides her small backwoods community with…well, nobody seems to Continue Reading


A newlywed couple happily arrive at their secluded cabin in the woods, eager to indulge in their romantic getaway. But just when it all seems like a dream come true, an unsettling bit of sleepwalking threatens to turn their new life as husband and wife into a waking nightmare…in Honeymoon. Continue Reading


Martin Donovan stars as Richard Barnett, a man struggling with both the recent suicide of his wife and his inability to connect with his young daughter. But as he attempts to deal with this, he soon finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic individual intent on teaching him exactly Continue Reading

The Substitute

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at mid-90s action-thriller, The Substitute. An 80s action movie unfortunately burdened with the fairly droll sensibilities of the 90s, The Substitute , from director Robert Mandel, features Tom Berenger as Jonathan Shale, a mercenary with a heart of gold who goes undercover Continue Reading