Ruin the Moment. September 26, 2018

Those few times I have the peace of mind to actually enjoy things–my movies, my video games, whatever–I find myself only wanting to work. Because it distracts me from and feeds that mean little voice that tells me I don’t do enough. That I’m wasting time best spent working. I’m not good enough yet, not […]

Another Circle. September 24, 2018

‘Nuff said. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater. Get the free mp3. There’s this really fucked up sort of Hell for a particularly fucked sort of man. There’s no demons, no brimstone. No lake of fire. No ironic punishment. It’s something far more cruel. Far more tangible. More simple. It’s this persistent sense of […]

Sanctum of Outcasts. September 21, 2018

Sometimes inner peace is a punk rock bar in Anaheim. Dedicated to all the homies I’ve had the pleasure to meet, watch perform, and perform in front of at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA. Keep crushin’ it. The world needs what you have to offer. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater. Get the […]

Social Media Anxiety. September 20, 2018

Anxiety has been a bit bad lately. Depression, too. I’m trying to find a thought or an idea worth caring about enough to write something from it. I really want to work. But I also really want to curl up and sleep until this shit passes. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater. Get the […]

My Favorite Love Song. September 17, 2018

I’ve been listening to a lot of doo-wop and rock n’ roll lately. I’ve always loved the songs I grew up listening to on the oldies station, the way it influenced and evolved over the decades. And it always feels as if a certain degree of fun and innocence–and a fair degree of creativity–of craftsmanship […]

Suspension of Disbelief. September 14, 2018

I’m an utter mess of a man. But I’m only the somewhat restricted or restrained mess that I am due to a constant need to self-evaluate. I’m not perfect. I never will be. But I’m trying to be better. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. […]

Spirit Balm. September 10, 2018

I’m admittedly a sentimental, love-dovey type with my wife. But I often struggle to find the words to write something, anything about the way I feel for and about her. So here’s a long-overdue attempt. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater. Available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. She’s the aloe growin’ in the […]

Petty, Not Cruel. September 7, 2018

I’d rather someone give me the finger than wave at me when they cut me off in traffic. Because at least then, they’re being honest. Not just with me, but themselves. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. If you cut me off in traffic and […]

Cheers. Love. Play. September 5, 2018

I was totally going to write poems for each hero in Overwatch, rotating through each class a hero at a time. Started with Mei (Damage), then followed up with D.Va (Tank). Today should have gone to a Support hero, but I’ve been sitting on this Tracer poem an extra week because I just had to […]

The Grey. September 4, 2018

For me, there’s a haunting middle-ground between my anxiety and my depression. A sort of psychological, emotional DMZ that I can almost see roll in over everything. Where all feeling is lost and time has little meaning. And it’s not as if I don’t care, or have no desire to care. In fact, all I […]

Wanting, Waiting. August 30, 2018

There will always be more people eager to tell you how, when, where, and why you fucked up than there are those willing to acknowledge accomplishments and contributions. That’s why it’s important to cherish those few moments when someone decides to act differently, even if all you want to do is listen to all the […]

Nerf This. August 29, 2018

A character that could have easily become a lazy cliche, is easily one of the most beloved characters to come out of a game bursting at the seams with interesting, creative designs and personalities and lore. But the beauty of the character isn’t in the plethora of gaming references. Instead, it’s in the darker, […]

Anxiety. August 28, 2018

A mind like a steel trap ain’t so great when all you catch are heffalumps and woozles. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater, a poetry collection available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. I’m not a man with all the answers, just a soul in search of solutions to my questions and my problems, a lost […]

Rock Punk Rock. August 27, 2018

I love punk rock–the sound, the spirit, the catharsis. Raw, unashamed of what it is. This rebellious rejection of norms and expectations. To have my stand-up compared to such things by a band I sincerely love for their classic sound and style (and the personal and professional respect I have for the members) means the […]

01:30 AM. August 26, 2018

Because I can’t sleep. What if Hell is a perpetual state of disappointment? — 01:30 AM. Steve Arviso. 2018.

You’re Killing Me, Smalls. August 24, 2018

If you groan after reading this one, it becomes even more meta. Available in Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. Words hurt more than you think. My cousin choked one morning on a mouthful of Alpha-Bits. Cut-off his air supply for three minutes. Now, he’s brain damaged. — You’re Killing Me, Smalls. […]

Thoughtless. August 23, 2018

Sometimes, for the life of me, I actually have nothing of value to say. Of course, this is a problem when I’m trying to keep this shit flowin’ on the daily. Available in Cable-Knit Sweater, a poetry collection available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. The silence that exists in the void of my mind deafens me with […]

Mei. August 22, 2018

Of all things, Mei might very well be what initially drew me to Overwatch. I remember joining the BETA test and not being entirely sold on the game and its colorful world and cast of characters. But this chubby, adorable genius who gleefully laughed as she put a shard of ice through player’s skull? In […]

Radical Dreamers. August 20, 2018

“I’m a dreamer stuck in the real world.” — Sir Sly, Fun Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. I live in a land of broken dreams, hiking, crawling barefoot through shattered reflections, kaleidoscopes of endless possibilities carving, tearing, rending, stained in the blood and tears trailing […]

Maybe One Day. August 17, 2018

Every single day. Read this and more in Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection available on Wattpad. Get the free mp3. There are still mornings I turn to that place beneath the avocado tree, hoping to find you there. — Maybe One Day. Steve Arviso. 2018.