Dark Summer October 12, 2016

Tonight we’re taking a look at Dark Summer, which focuses on a young man finding himself haunted while under house arrest.

Freddy’s Nightmares: No More Mr. Nice Guy October 11, 2016

Tonight, we take a look at the pilot episode of the often forgotten (and arguably for good reason) Freddy’s Nightmares! On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we take a look at No More Mr. Nice Guy, the pilot episode of the often forgotten TV anthology horror series, Freddy’s Nightmares. Originally airing in syndication in […]

Missionary October 10, 2016

Tonight’s movie is Missionary, which features Dawn Olivieri as Katherine, a struggling single mother who carries on a forbidden love affair with the titular Mormon missionary, Elder Brock. But when Katherine suddenly decides to put an end to the affair in order to focus on mending her relationship with her estranged husband, Elder Brock won’t […]

All Cheerleaders Die October 7, 2016

Tonight’s movie is All Cheerleaders Die, in which a group of high school cheerleaders find themselves unceremoniously killed only to then be magically resurrected under somehow weirder circumstances.

The Twilight Zone: The Lateness of the Hour October 6, 2016

Tonight, Cinematico Magnifico takes a look at look at a classic episode of The Twilight Zone, The Lateness of the Hour! Tonight we take a look at The Lateness of the Hour, the forty-fourth episode of The Twilight Zone, which features Inger Stevens as Jana, a young woman concerned that her parents are too dependent […]

Would You Rather October 5, 2016

Tonight, Cinematico Magnifico takes a look at Would You Rather, in which Brittany Snow plays a woman in desperate need of money to save her ill brother. But when a mysterious man offers her and several others the opportunity to earn this money by participating in a sadistic series of escalating dares, they soon discover […]

Exit to Hell October 4, 2016

A video review of the grindhouse-inspired Exit to Hell, featuring horror icon Kane Hodder.

Mr. Jones October 4, 2016

Mr. Jones features Jon Foster and Sarah Jones as Scott and Penny, a young couple escaping to the woods in an attempt to make a nature documentary. But when they come across the secret hideaway of a faceless, reclusive artist, the titular Mr. Jones, their attempts to reveal the person behind some seriously eerie artwork […]