On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at the adaptation of a comic once thought unfilmable, 2009’s Watchmen! When one of their own is brutally assaulted and thrown out a high-rise window by a mysterious assailant, a former group of costumed vigilantes must solve an ever-growing mystery that Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look back at Sam Raimi’s groundbreaking 2002 classic superhero blockbuster: Spider-Man! Tobey McGuire is Peter Parker, the prototypical high school geek granted great power from the bite of a genetically altered spider. But when he fails to understand the meaning of, “With Continue Reading

The Substitute

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at mid-90s action-thriller, The Substitute. An 80s action movie unfortunately burdened with the fairly droll sensibilities of the 90s, The Substitute , from director Robert Mandel, features Tom Berenger as Jonathan Shale, a mercenary with a heart of gold who goes undercover Continue Reading


On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at John Carpenter’s often overlooked cult classic, Vampires! Vampires, from director John Carpenter, features James Woods as Jack Crow, the leader of one of several Vatican-founded and supported teams of slayers currently tasked with exterminating a large nest of vampires currently Continue Reading


Tag, from director Sion Sono, is a Japanese action-horror-fantasy movie that follows Reina Treindl as Mitsuko, a mousy high school student who suddenly finds herself lost in an increasingly strange multiverse, slipping from one strange but familiar world to the next, losing track of who she really is with every Continue Reading

Wonder Woman

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at Warner/DC’s Wonder Woman, feat. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine! A full transcript of the review is available to read below. Wonder Woman, from director Patty Jenkins, follows Gal Gadot’s Diana, Princess of Themysicra and would-be warrior, as she ventures into Continue Reading

No Escape

No Escape features Owen Wilson as Jack Dwyer, an all-American father and civil engineer uprooting his milquetoast family from Texas and moving them all to an undisclosed country in South East Asia. But when this generic Asian country suddenly finds itself in the middle of a violent political coup, our Continue Reading