Removal Service

TADTHONY speaks from the alleyway behind a stripmall.

TADTHONY: I’m Tadthony Foreskin from Foreskin Removal Service. Do you need something removed from your home, office, or property?

Photos of assorted junk and garbage appear.

TADTHONY: (voice-over) Is there an old car parked on your lawn? Did someone leave your old printer, twenty-seven inch cathode ray tube television set, and assorted soiled, most definitely broken furniture on the curb? Maybe you have an unwanted houseguest or nosey child. I don’t know, and I don’t care. That’s your business.

Cut to Tadthony still in the alleyway as several GOONS forcefully remove SOMEBODY from the premises.

TADTHONY: My business, as I’ve previously stated, is removing things. And if it can be removed, let Foreskin remove it for you.

Cut to footage of Goons disposing of a Somebody-sized garbage bag off the side of PCH and into the ocean below.

TADTHONY: (voice-over) Foreskin Removal, a thing since I don’t want to talk about it.