I’ve Got a Receipt (I-II)


The equally depressing ambiance of a dead mall’s parking lot.

NARRATOR: (voice-over) Twenty minutes later, in the mostly empty lot outside of a squatish, mall-shaped building, Cassie navigated her husk of a car to a wheezing stop beside an even worse looking truck.

CASSIE and SISTER enter in said “husk of a car,” roll to a stop beside the even worse looking truck.

NARRATOR: (voice-over) Her sister, meanwhile, looked out her window to what turned out to be an even worse looking truck idling mere inches away with nobody behind the wheel.

SISTER: Well, that’s weird.

CASSIE: That somebody would leave their truck running while they go shopping?

SISTER: No. It’s weird that you parked next to the only other car here.

CASSIE: It makes me feel safe.

SISTER: What, are you afraid someone’s going to pop out from underneath all this nothing?

Cassie sits there for a moment, then kills the engine.

CASSIE: (uncomfortably calm, composed) Less talking, more walking.

And so, they walk.

To be continued…