Clitorian Plating

STEVE: The other day, I overheard someone sharing their rather strong distaste for fictional jargon in genres like fantasy and science fiction. As opposed to real fantasy and science-fiction jargon, of course.

This person was otherwise perfectly fine with the Turgiddians committing acts of genocide across entire quadrants. And they certainly took no issue with Flaccidites being a thinly-veiled racist caricature of Romanians, with their large middle-toes, hairy elbows, and ability to shapeshift into puddles of water.

But call the thing where you pull a trigger, it goes “pew-pew,” and concentrated bits of light kill anything standing in front of it a “four-knuckled hashtagger with a huckleberry suppressor and clitorian plating,” and all believability is lost.

Aliens and interdimensional beings are perfectly acceptable, but only so long as they speak American.