Far from the comforting warmth of daylight,
in a world cloaked in shadow,
our darkest and most primal fears fester,
waiting for the chance to consume us whole
as we lay awake, forever unable to sleep,
here in the midnight hour.

Pocket Theater of the Absurd
(and Other Complete Wastes of Time)
by “Amoral Crackpot” Steve Arviso

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Hell, Or Something Like It
One man’s Hell is… also another man’s Hell!

Play With Yourself and Others!

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Grand Ghoulish
A twisted and bloody
love affair!

I’ve Got a Receipt!
Eldritch horror
meets consumerism!

The Sound That Night
A tragic romance
meets a mysterious stranger!

Where Stars Collide
A man adrift in space
with only an A.I. for companionship!

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from the private journals
of Dr. Howard Fine

The Job
it doesn’t pay much at all,
but somebody wants to do it!

Paper Bag Critic
cinematic nonsense
with Cinematico Magnifico

Whispers in the Dark
personal tales of
the weird and strange

Fighting Evil and Each Other!


The chill of night brings with it a still darkness,
brings with it an alluring promise of peace.
Till the light of day warms your cold bones,
may your eyes never rest,
and may those little slices of death never come.