Ghost in the Shell March 31, 2017

In which we look at the American, live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell!

Let’s Be Evil March 31, 2017

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at indie horror flick Let’s Be Evil!

Train to Busan March 30, 2017

Train to Busan features Yoo Gong as a workaholic businessman escorting his young daughter on the titular train ride to Busan for a visit with her estranged mother. But when a zombie outbreak sweeps across South Korea that very day, he’ll have to do all he can to keep her safe, including letting his daughter see […]

Pernicious March 29, 2017

On this episode of #TheNightlyChill, we take a look at the #horror flick Pernicious (currently available on #Netflix)!

The Devil’s Dolls March 28, 2017

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we take a look at recent horror offering, The Devil’s Dolls.

Antibirth March 27, 2017

In the latest episode of The Nightly Chill, we take a look at the comedy-horror flick, Antibirth!

Elsewhere February 9, 2017

SYNOPSIS When a young hospice nurse befriends a strange man who claims to lived a strange, beautiful life, she believes she’s found an escape from her mundane life. But when the end comes for the man, his last words will haunt her for the rest of hers. I’m not entirely sure what this is shaping […]

Monster February 7, 2017

SYNOPSIS After the death of her mother, a girl, NANCY, finds herself consumed with guilt and her family on the verge of self-destruction. Her father has become an alcoholic. Her younger sisters are growing increasingly violent. And after finding herself dead on a canyon floor, Nancy comes back different. The title of this one is […]

Batman vs Superman February 6, 2017

SYNOPSIS After the destructive Battle of Metropolis, Superman has become a polarizing figure across the world. Some see him as a savior. Others see his interference in world affairs as a threat against the freedom and rights of the human race. And this includes the violent vigilante of Gotham City known as The Batman. I […]

When Stars Appear and Shadows Fall January 31, 2017

SYNOPSIS When a struggling musician reunites with his childhood friends, he discovers that they have all moved on to bigger, better things professionally after leaving behind their old lifestyle. Perceiving their matured attitude and behavior as a drastic shift from who they are, the musician believes his friends (now lawyers, businessmen, and the like) have […]

The Lighthouse January 30, 2017

SYNOPSIS When a man’s mother passes away, his father slips into a deep depression. The two set off to a strange place along the coast where his Father believes there’s a way to reunite with his wife once again. This is easily my laziest entry so far. I’ve been sick. A bit out of my […]

Love Now Departed January 27, 2017

SYNOPSIS A man returns from war only to learn that his lover has died while he was away. But when she suddenly reappaers, he doesn’t wish to question this gift for fear of what it might mean. This one was my first real attempt at writing an audio play. And despite it only being presented […]

Good Friends, Better Enemies January 26, 2017

SYNOPSIS Two men competing over the same woman for years stumble across a strange lamp housing a wish-granting genie. But when the two men can’t agree on who found the lamp and summoned the genie, the genie offers a one-time alternative: both men will simply receive one wish. However, whatever they wish for, the other […]

A Selfish Kind of Love January 25, 2017

SYNOPSIS Haunted by the image of a beautiful woman he watched kill herself when he was a child, a photographer is unable to find anyone who can live up to his image of the perfect woman. But when he returns to his hometown he finds the one he wants to spend the rest of his […]

Queen Bee January 24, 2017

SYNOPSIS A girl has lost her dearest friends to the destructive nature of high school politics. But when she fatally disposes of the school’s alpha female in an act of self-defense, she finds herself blessed with great power. But will it also come with great responsibility? Another of my older ideas, but one I’ve always […]

A Better Man January 23, 2017

When David Zaragoza, a recovering alcoholic, fails to convince those he hurt in his past life that his attempts to become a better man are sincere, he finds himself at the mercy of both his personal demons and a strange woman with an even stranger scar. FADE IN NOTE: The opening sequence set at location […]

This Lady Death January 20, 2017

SYNOPSIS After his family is gun-downed during a daylight robbery, a man finds himself unable to move on with his life. And when an accident results in his seeing the physical manifestation of Death in the form of a young woman, he is determined to get her attention and be reunited with his family once […]

Knock ’em Dead January 19, 2017

SYNOPSIS A down on his luck party clown gets the gig of a lifetime when a lonely housewife offers a big payday to whoever can keep a group of children entertained for just one hour. Another idea I’ve dusted off from 2013. I don’t think this one needed quite as much work as others and […]

A Steady Tick January 18, 2017

SYNOPSIS A school teacher struggles to start a family with her husband. When she hears of a coworker who has suddenly become pregnant after a one-night stand but isn’t sure she wants to keep the baby, the teacher considers adopting. But when the woman pushes towards abortion, the teacher takes matters into her own hands. […]

Family Portrait January 17, 2017

SYNOPSIS While cleaning out a closet, a wife (CHERYL) discovers a box that her husband (THOMAS) has long forgotten about. In it is a dark secret from his childhood that haunts him to this day. But will his wife believe his story? A much newer idea than those written and posted in the past two […]