You Are Not Alone.

Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I’m the Amoral Crackpot, Steve Arviso.
And welcome to The Nightly Chill.

The Nightly Chill has never been one thing to me.
It’s always been more of an idea than something set in stone.
It started as a bunch of movie reviews
about a bunch of horror movies.
then reviews about any movie I wanted.
Then, nothing for a while,
Then, more movie reviews.
Then, more horror movies.
And then, just a few more movies here and there.

And then, for some reason–
I really have no clue why–
maybe i was just in a weird place.
But, I just started doing weird things.
A few weird little audio bits.
Some absurd bits of silliness.

But then, I accidentally wrote some poetry.
And then, some more poetry.
And more and more.

But then I wanted to review more movies.
But not too many movies.
I wanted to appreciate film my way,
at my pace.

But now The Nightly Chill wasn’t just one thing.
It wasn’t even on one platform.
It was a multi-media…

And recently,
I started doing more live performances.
Poetry, comedy,

The Nightly Chill was always just me
trying to figure out me.
It was a creative outlet,
an excuse to make something
at a time when everything I was trying to do
always failed.

More so, it was all of the work–
all my blood, sweat, and tears–
all those sleepless nights
preoccupied with anxiety and depression–
working harder and longer
just so I wouldn’t have to be alone with my thoughts.

The Nightly Chill was always me performing–
always me writing and performing my own material–
in one fashion or another.
Written, spoken, recorded.
Didn’t matter if it was on this or that social media platform,
or a podcast,
or live on a stage with a microphone in my hand.
Much of what I’ve come to do now
stems from that work.
One way, or another.

But I want an audience.
I want as large of an audience as I can manage.
I want to earn that.
I want to prove to myself that I can.

So, I’m on all sorts of platforms
in all sorts of ways.

Some new things will spring from it,
become their own thing.
Others will stay a part of it.
Or maybe get cut entirely with time.
Redistributed and reproduced.
Lost. Damaged. Destroyed.
Evolving and changing and growing.

It’ll be a bit messy.
It already is, really.
But that’s what’s in my head:
a big fuckin’ mess.
So, think of it more as this
unstable experience of an unstable mind.

And I think it’s for those–
I think it’s for people like me,
who find themselves up late at night,
or whatever hours they get to themselves.
Those crazy little souls
lookin’ for a friendly voice,
but not one that always agrees with them,
or that they agree with.
But a friendly voice,
A familiar voice to listen to,
To reply to.
To converse with in some fashion.
with a bit of text,
a bit of audio.
Maybe some video.
A bit of entertainment,
a brief distraction,
a small comfort of some sort
When someone needs it.

It’s all rough around the corners.
It’s all works-in-progress.
But it gives me a voice.
Let’s me speak when all I want to do is scream
Or cry.
Or worse.
It helps me feel like I’m a little less alone.
And if I’m not alone,
then maybe you won’t be either.

“Accentuate the positive,
hide the negative.”

I’m Steve Arviso,
and thank you for chilling with me tonight.
Let’s rock n’ roll.

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