When Stars Appear and Shadows Fall


When a struggling musician reunites with his childhood friends, he discovers that they have all moved on to bigger, better things professionally after leaving behind their old lifestyle. Perceiving their matured attitude and behavior as a drastic shift from who they are, the musician believes his friends (now lawyers, businessmen, and the like) have been turned into some soulless, bloodsucking by a malicious force. Now he must hunt down their Master before he’s forced to kill all those he once loved.

Feeling better in some ways, feeling worse in others. But here’s another story, coming across a lot better than yesterday’s. More coherent. More fleshed out. And another concept that blends drama, comedy, and horror. Not sure how good that blend is, but I’m digging it. And I hope you do too.

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DENNIS SOUTHARD is a shell of a man, a failed musician playing pick-up gigs in assorted dives just to pay the bills. After a gig, a RAT picks him up and the two go to…

…a motel room where they do a bunch of blow.

As they crash, Dennis dreams of his former band. They lived the rocker lifestyle, played gigs in whatever dives and danks they could, getting lit up every night, lost in his own vices and loving every minute of it because he did it with his closest friends.

But then the accident happened. Sometime in their late-20s, when they thought they were all going to live forever, one proved them all wrong. Gutted and left for dead, their friend managed to hook up with the wrong woman and her boyfriend didn’t take kindly to that at all.

While it sobered almost everyone up, forcing them to reevaluate their lives and grow up some, Dennis wouldn’t have it. He wanted to live his life by his rules and in his way…and so they left him.

Dennis wakes in the motel from his fever dream to find the Rat dead in bed next to him, overdosed from their stash. Dennis runs as he hears the police arrive, someone having called the cops on them at some point.

But as he makes his escape, he collapses in an alley.


When he came to, it was an old friend who he found waiting for him. Now a medical professional responsible for Dennis, the friend attempts to help Dennis recover his shattered life.

When the friend discovers that Dennis has returned to his old ways after leaving the hospital, they gather the rest of the old band and corner Dennis for an intervention.

Initially surprised and happy to be surrounded by his old friends, Dennis quickly takes offense to the idea that he needs to change his life. He finds all his old friends to now be boring, soulless sellouts who forgot who they were. Afraid that they’ve come to turn him too, Dennis fights his way out and his friends can only watch as Dennis flees into the night.


Knowing that his friends must be searching for him, Dennis slips away to an old hideout where he gathers supplies and plans to prove that his friends have been changed against their wills.

He hunts them down, one by one, and finds how their lives have become clean and sterile. Each one living a beautiful suburban lives with good paying jobs and families.

But when one friend sees they are being watched, they corner Dennis, and attempt to ease his mind. And while Dennis is fooled at first, the friend slips up and shows just how soulless they’ve become. Dennis finds his fear and paranoia well founded and he is forced to kill his one-time friend in order to escape.

He hunts his other friends down and discovers them all gathered in a single place, and finds the woman responsible for it all. Wondering where their missing (and deceased) friend is, they are quick to let Dennis in and he goes on a drug-fueled rampage, killing anyone who stands in the way between him and the Master–the wife of their old drummer.


As his friends lay dying once the connection is severed, and the police on their way, he learns that his friends never intended for this to happen. They didn’t see it coming. They thought they were doing the right thing.

But no one believed him. The cops found him there, everyone else dead and him holding the killing instrument. But he knows the truth, regardless of what others might want to believe.

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