Veronica, from director and co-writer Paco Plaza, features Sandra Escacena as the titular Veronica, a catholic school girl from Madrid who finds herself under the thumb of an evil spirit after she and some friends use a Ouija board.

I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it.

I honestly feel a little cheated. Because the movie opens with this tense little sequence where the disembodied voices of frightened children are calling the police, and we see the police arriving to the scene, and they go through this dark apartment. And it feels like we’re gonna get thrown right into the middle of this crazy thing that has these kids just shitting themselves with fear. But then it’s another goddamn rip-off of Ghostbusters, with the police entering a bedroom and looking scared at something off-camera. And then, it cuts to another scene at a different time.

Movie’s a goddamn liar. Fuck you, Veronica.

I skimmed through the rest. It’s just a typical demon possession movie. Girl and friends summon an evil spirit by accident. Something happens to the friends. Veronica feels weird, forgets shit, and has weird marks showing up on her. Bad nightmares. More weird shit happens. Gotta find a way to save her soul before it’s too late. Except this one happens to be in Spanish, because “Spain.” So, I guess you can say there’s at least one notable difference between this movie and all the other ones you might have already seen.

Ya know. It’s very true that nobody really sets out to make a bad movie. But it’s also true that way, way too many people set out to make a cut-and-paste and wholly uninspired one.

Not all these movies can do an original-ish spin on this idea like It Follows, which is basically the same thing as all other demon possession movies except for how the sexual nature of it all is upfront rather than implied or metaphorical, or some shit. But you’d assume there’d be some attempt at novelty. Some attempt to leave their unique mark on what might otherwise be yet another shitty knock-off.

But you know what they say about assumptions.

What I’m getting at here is that this movie made me feel like an asshole. And that’s not cool Fuck you, again, movie.

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