This Lady Death


After his family is gun-downed during a daylight robbery, a man finds himself unable to move on with his life. And when an accident results in his seeing the physical manifestation of Death in the form of a young woman, he is determined to get her attention and be reunited with his family once again.

I’ve been itching to get this one out for a long time now. It’s one of those ideas that I regularly return to but have been unable to work out for one reason or another. In recent months, I think I finally got a grasp on it. But with so many irons in so many different fires, I simply didn’t give it the attention it deserves. So here’s my final concept for it, warts and all. I hope to get to scripting this out in full sometime this year and put several years worth of obsession to rest.

Or not. Whatever.

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A father, FRANKLIN, and his family are out for the day. When they pull into a local gas station, the family waits in the car while he goes to pay.

But as he waits in line, Franklin notices a young man acting suspicious and carrying a gun. Rather than act, he hides and watches on as the clerk and other customers are robbed at gunpoint.

When the robber flees, Franklin finally leaves the safety of his hiding place only to discover that the robber attempted to hijack his family’s car, killing everyone inside in the process.


Franklin turns into a recluse, losing his job and cutting ties with his remaining family and friends. In his growing depression, he attempts suicide and fails.

Later, he speaks with a concerned loved one who assures him that he’ll be reunited with his loved ones some day but he must be patient. However, Franklin doesn’t believe in God or Heaven, not anymore. How can he believe in such things with the way his family was taken from him in such a cold, brutal fashion?

One day, Franklin witnesses a fatal accident in the street. There among the chaos, he notices a strange, alluring young woman speaking with the victim. This is Death herself.


Franklin begins pursuing Death, becoming obsessed and documenting various spots where she is likely to show–crime scenes, accident-heavy intersections.

One day, he finally has his chance to speak with Death. But she refuses to speak with him. Upset about Death ignoring him, he chases her across town only for her to snap at him, demanding that he leave her be.

Infuriated, Franklin attempts suicide once again only to discover that nothing he does is effective. And when he refuses to stop, Death appears and informs him that he means nothing to her, same as his family and their killer. She has her purpose, she is part of this world’s natural order. And she can’t do anything to reunite him with his family. And she will not allow him, his cowardice to drive her to upset the natural order of things further.

Deciding to take things into his own hands, Franklin takes hostages and threatens to kill them if Death doesn’t appear and take him, to reunite him with his family. When Death fails to appear, he forces her to appear by shooting and killing one of his hostages.

Death releases the victim from their extended suffering but refuses to speak with Franklin. She simply stands there and waits as he grows more and more angry and his hostages grow more and more frightened.

And then…

The cops appear. As they draw their guns and threaten to fire, Franklin thanks Death for what’s about to happen. He aims the gun at the cops, forcing them to shoot him, and then…



Light and an unfamiliar ceiling. Franklin comes to in a hospital, being tended by a nurse, and unable to move or speak. He’s fully paralyzed. Vegetative as far as the world is concerned but fully aware of everything, including Death sitting beside him.

She speaks to him, informs him that his pursuit of an early death only angered her and forced her hand. She’s left him in a state between life and death, unable to obtain the one thing he wants, not for many, many years.


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