Rock Punk Rock.

I love punk rock–the sound, the spirit, the catharsis. Raw, unashamed of what it is. This rebellious rejection of norms and expectations. To have my stand-up compared to such things by a band I sincerely love for their classic sound and style (and the personal and professional respect I have for the members) means the world to me. It helped me take a second look at myself and embrace a part of me that I long tried to downplay. And that’s not only helped improve my work, but helped me actually enjoy what I produce for the first time in forever.

Much love to everyone in Children of Eden. Rock on, homies.

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Punk Rock is an exposed nerve
plucked, strummed raw
by the kinetic passion
of an unbound soul’s primal scream.

Rock Punk Rock. Steve Arviso. 2018.

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