Queen Bee


A girl has lost her dearest friends to the destructive nature of high school politics. But when she fatally disposes of the school’s alpha female in an act of self-defense, she finds herself blessed with great power. But will it also come with great responsibility?

Another of my older ideas, but one I’ve always thought was a lot more in line with light-hearted episodes of Tales from the Crypt. By this point, the whole “mean girls” thing has been done to death. But I think this is one that goes in a more literal sense when it comes to the pack mentality of high school cliques.

This one’s a bit of a rush job as I’ve been a bit busy (and sick) the last couple of days, but I’ll be cleaning it up more in the coming days.

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A lovely if plan girl, SAMANTHA, has watched on as her childhood friends have grown and blossomed into beautiful young women, far beyond what few gifts genetics have afforded her.

Now in her teens and in high school, Samantha finds herself a social outcast with few friends and even fewer romantic prospects due to her unconventional looks and interests. And after she has an opportunity to flirt with a boy she likes, Samantha finds herself at the mercy of girls she once called friends, friends who now bow to the resident QUEEN BEE of the school.


After her incident at school, Samantha finds herself approached by one of her former childhood friends. The FRIEND offers to help the girl break out of her shell and meet some nice boys at an upcoming party.

But there, Samantha finds herself the butt of a cruel joke by the Queen Bee. And in her anger, Samantha lashes out, assaulting the Queen Bee…and ultimately devouring her whole. And the crowd simply looks on, shocked, parting like the red sea to allow her to wander off into the night.


The next day brings…nothing at all. No cops. No worried parents. In fact, Samantha feels better than ever. She feels lighter, taller. Skin clear and beautiful. In fact, she’s rather stunning.

She rushes to school to find that nobody is speaking of the night before. But now everyone is averting their eyes when she passes. And the girls treat her with some semblance of respect.

The girls talk to Samantha, follow her. They even begin to befriend her.

When another girl attempts to take Samantha back down a notch, she devours this rival too. And she continues to do this, consuming rivals, assuming more and more of their features and traits until she becomes the official idol of the school. Ultimately proving herself to be as selfish and wicked as the girls before her.

But her rise to the top of the social ladder has also made new victims, some who were once her only friends and now want to see Queen Samantha fall.


When Samantha catches wind of a GIRL coming for her new boyfriend and her crown, she orders the Girl brought to the same place she dethroned the previous Queen.

But just when she’s about to lay down her own brand of justice, Samantha finds herself betrayed by the friend she turned her back on. She dies, is consumed, and her Friend takes the crown.

Some time later, just when it seems this new Queen is going to run things different, it appears as if the cycle is only going to continue when she runs into a new rival.

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