Parts Unknown.

Another pro wrestling promo-turned-poem. This one is also another all-time classic. Enjoy.

Hulk Hogan.
to answer

As you,
Hulk Hogan,
by conventional means,
the normals you travel with
As you realize
all that is left!
is total self-destruction.
Do you,
Hulk Hogan,
show self-pity?
Do you
Hulk Hogan!
try to reason why?
Do you, Hulk Hogan,
try and comfort
the normals that have even more fear
than you?
Or do you, Hulk Hogan,
kick the doors out,
kick the cockpit door down,
take the two pilots
that have already made the sacrifice
so that you can face this challenge?

Dispose of them, Hulk Hogan.
Assume the controls,
Hulk Hogan.
Shove that control!
into a nosedive,
Hulk Hogan!

Push yourself
to total self-destruction,
as you realize, Hulk Hogan!
you are about to enter
a world
close to Parts Unknown.

Smell it, Warriors!

Do you, Hulk Hogan!
look for a place to hide?
Or do you, Hulk Hogan,
face that challenge
that may be more powerful
than even you are!
Hulk Hogan!

You, Hulk Hogan,
must self-destruct
So that you will know, Hulk Hogan,
who is
The Chosen One.

For, Hulk Hogan!
I am not The Chosen One
that you speak of.
I am not.

I, Hulk Hogan,
The Only One.

Parts Unknown. Words by Ultimate Warrior. Poetic arrangement by Steve Arviso.

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