Participation Awards & Dating Apps.

A little late-night note writing turned into something a little fun, a little angsty.

Fuck 'stranger danger'
if only cuz I'm lonely,
hungry and horny,
late-night takeout
and fucking in a bed
in the house
that we'll rent on Airbnb,
running that background check
as we cuddle in our wet-spot,
cuz sharing is caring
and you got a man and some kids,
and my parents didn't love me,
so they set me in front of the TV
whisperin', don't worry, he's fine,
he's ain't lonely,
he's workin' that algorithm,
three likes, new subscriber,
I'll buy shit off your Etsy store
if you'll be on my podcast,
and we'll rant and rave
to a world that don't care
about how we DARE'd to say "no",
cuz winners don't use drugs,
but our heroes are caught red-handed
lyin', cheatin', stealin',
droppin' n-bombs,
grabbin' pussies,
fussin' and bitchin'
'bout how there ain't no future
in bein' the short-term investments
of the narrow-minded hippies
chasin' dragons, soybean futures,
nearsighted, shortsighted
Gordon Gekko-motherfuckers
sufferin' from small-dick envy
with no long-term plans
for the orphans they leave behind
when mom and dad drop dead
working swing-shift at their second job
to pay the rent on the room they share
in a house with two other families.
So, don't call us fuckin' daydreamers
with our heads up our asses,
we're a generation of stargazers
drifting in a sea of your bullshit,
lookin' for a north star,
some guiding light in the abyss
and a rug that ties it all together,
chasin' dreams into oncoming traffic
like motherfuckin' Frogger
'til the day we hang ourselves
with our own fuckin' bootstraps.

-- Participation Awards & Dating Apps. Steve Arviso. 2019.

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