Moment of Clarity

Y’ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, we kinda deserve him?

Maybe the truth of America is that we’re a country of deeply flawed individuals failing our way to success. We’re taught alternative facts in school. We’re told stories and sing songs about the strength and beauty and equality and liberty to be found in our country while putting children in cages, condemning others to Hell for who they love, and systematically strangling the potential of those who color outside narrow, ill-defined lines. We’re told to follow our dreams, then blame others when we fail to live up to expectations.

The American Indian Wars didn’t end until 1924, only 9 years before the opening of Dachau. 18 years later, the first train load of Americans of Japanese heritage arrived at internment camps.

Too real?

Well, a little more than 50 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in the United States. And to this day, there are still those who will insist that progress should slow to a crawl rather than risk offending others.

Here’s a question? How long have we seen and heard Americans calling Barack Obama every slur known to man? How long have they demanded his birth certificate? How long have they been hanging and burning effigies?

It took the rise of social media, the creep of it into every corner of our every day, to get Americans to actually notice real, ongoing social causes and issues, even if only for a minute. It took this long to get them to care about which lives matter, or to believe those abused by others. Because now it was easy, convenient. It was trendy. It was reduced to a hashtag.

If morals and ethics are everything, then why are we so quick to settle for the lesser of two evils?

If we hate reality TV so much, why is there so much of it across hundreds of channels? If we hate reality TV so much, why have so many of us elected to live on social media? If we hate reality TV so much, why was the difference in the popular vote only 3 million?

If we hate ourselves that much, maybe this is what we really wanted.

I’ll admit it. It’d be pretty fuckin’ hilarious if Trump actually won without any real outside assistance (from Russia, or anyone else). I mean, it’d be awful. Maybe even worse than now. But it’d be fuckin’ hilarious if we got Trump because we’re actually just a shithole country filled with shithole people who are utterly blind to exactly how much of a hole filled–overflowing, even–with shit we really, truly are.

Maybe this is what you call a “Moment of Clarity.”

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