The Lighthouse


When a man’s mother passes away, his father slips into a deep depression. The two set off to a strange place along the coast where his Father believes there’s a way to reunite with his wife once again.

This is easily my laziest entry so far. I’ve been sick. A bit out of my head with a fever and constant hacking up of…stuff. But, hey, at least I’m sticking to this daunting schedule I made for myself, right?

I definitely enjoy this one, especially with the more light-hearted tone I want to approach the material with. This weird story a comedian or somebody is sharing about their family that starts off bittersweet and touching, but then goes completely off the rails by the end. Not sure if it’ll work, but tackling such serious and morbid material with a more (deft) comedic touch might make it work a lot better than just playing it straight.

Of course, I need to hammer out the details here because this is really just a cocktail napkin with notes on it at this point. But I’ll get around to working on it more once this cold passes.

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A man returns to his family home to find his mother dead.

(Perhaps the man opens by giving several stories about his relationship with his mother? The third being how he found her dead.)


(The man continues to do the same for his father, starting with the story about how he convinced himself to even tell his father—long divorced—about the death his mother. He then details their relationship, eventually resulting about how his father spiraled into a deep depression and attempted suicide. But his father’s revelation came later when he ended up in the hospital and nearly died of a ruptured appendix.)

Once a devout Catholic, the man’s father had a lapse in faith following the untimely death of his wife. Depression. Alcohol abuse. Losing his job. Their home. He blamed God for all the wrong in his life.

But after a brush with death leaves his father reconsidering his newfound hatred for God…


…the two adventure to Point Conception, the Western Gate, where the Chumash believed the souls of the dead began their journey into the afterlife.

His father misses his wife and he wants to see first hand where she may have gone and that his god was there, guiding her. And so Father and Son engage on a brief road trip up North.


That day Father and Son make it up North and wander the shore and park and local town, mostly avoiding talk of about their Mother/Wife, their feelings on much of anything.

Once they reach the lighthouse there and find nothing, his Father is forced to accept that the stories are simply just that. That he’ll never reunite with his wife or know if she made it somewhere better.


Back in town, over drinks and dinner, Father and Son discuss why Father and Mother ended their marriage. And a harsh truth comes out.


Father and Son have a furious altercation, both confessing to how much they hate the other.


That evening when his father vanishes, the Son follows him back to the lighthouse on point conception. Beautiful lights. Strange sounds.

His Father stands there among all this, embracing the beauty he is witnessing. But then he looks into the gate and his mind shatters. He cries about the horrors on the other side. The malicious gods that defy description.

His Father’s last act is to chase off his Son, and the Son can only hear wailing cries of pain and sorrow as he makes his escape back to the car and back to town.


The Son returns later with a rescue party, but they found nothing. His Father’s body is never found. No sign of any struggle with gods or anything else.

Now that the Son has become a father, is older, and lives in constant fear of the noises and sights that plague his sleep. Of the fate that awaits him for following his father into the golden land reserved only for the gods and the dead.

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