Hard Times.

The beauty of pro wrestling is the way it can, when done just right, seamlessly blend athletics and theatrics. And “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes might just be the single-greatest example of how the “perfect package” isn’t always what you’d expect, but perhaps those who boldly defy expectations.

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First of all,
I would like to thank
the many, many fans throughout this country
that wrote cards and letters to Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream,
while I was down.

Secondly, I want to thank Jim Crockett promotions
for waitin’
and takin’ the time,
‘cause I know how important it was,
Starrcade ‘85,
it is to the wrestling fans, it is to Jim Crockett promotions,
and Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream.
With that wait,
got what I wanted,
Ric Flair!
the World’s Heavyweight Champion!

I don’t have to say a lot more
about the way I feel about Ric Flair.
No respect.
No honor.
There is no honor amongst thieves,
in the first place.

He put
hard times!
on Dusty Rhodes and his family.
You don’t know!
what hard times are, Daddy.
Hard times!
are when the textile workers around this country
are out of work!
They got 4 or 5 kids,
and can’t pay their wages!
Can’t buy their food!
Hard times!
are when
the auto workers
are out of work,
and they tell ‘em, “Go home!”
And hard times!
are when a man has worked at a job
thirty years!
thirty years!
they give him a watch,
kick him in the butt,
and say, “Hey,
a computer
took your place, Daddy.”
That’s hard times!
That’s hard times!
And Ric Flair,
you put hard times
on this country
by takin’ Dusty Rhodes out.
That’s hard times!
And we all had hard times together.

I admit, I don’t look like the athlete of the day
supposed to look.
My belly’s just a lil’ big,
my heiny’s just a lil’ big,
but brother,
I am bad. And they know I’m bad.
And there were two bad people.
One was John Wayne, and he’s dead, Brother.
And the other one’s right here.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair,
the World’s Heavyweight title
to these people.
I’mma reach out, right now!
I want you at home
to know
my hand!
is touchin’ your hand!
For this gathering
of the biggest body
of people
in this country,
in this universe,
all over the world, now!
Reachin’ out!
Because the love that was given me!
And this time,
I will repay you now!
Because I will be!
the next!
World’s Heavyweight Champion!
on this hard time blues!
Dusty Rhodes Tour,

And Ric Flair,
“Nature Boy.”
Let me leave you with this:
One way
to hurt Ric Flair,
is to take what he cherishes more than anything in the world.
That’s the World’s Heavyweight title.
I’m gon’ take it,
I been there twice.
This time when I take it, Daddy,
I’m gon’ take it for you.
Let’s gather for it.
Don’t let me down now,
‘cause I came back
for you,
for that man up there
that died 10-12 years ago
and never got the opportunity
to see a real World’s Champion.
And I’m proud of you, thank god I have you,
and I love you.

I love you!

Hard Times.
Words by Dusty Rhodes.
Poetic Arrangement by Steve Arviso.

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