Good Friends, Better Enemies


Two men competing over the same woman for years stumble across a strange lamp housing a wish-granting genie. But when the two men can’t agree on who found the lamp and summoned the genie, the genie offers a one-time alternative: both men will simply receive one wish. However, whatever they wish for, the other receives twice over.

I think the only reason I never finished this entirely, as close as I was to having a finished script, is because of how utterly corny the whole thing is. I can totally picture it as part of the original series of Twilight Zone episodes, but not exactly as one of its more fondly remembered ones. But I like it. And I think I’ll get around to finishing it sooner than later.

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A man, DEAN, returns home to find that his wife, CAROLYN, is being pursued by a former friend and long-time rival, GEORGE. George believes that his personal success and massive wealth is enough to win Carolyn from Dean.

But when Dean finally confront George about this, it results in George offering Dean a wager: if he can convince Dean that he’s the better man, Dean must allow George the opportunity to court Carolyn. But if he fails, George and Carolyn will be the recipient of a massive cash prize. Broke, desperate, and sure that George will fail, Dean accepts the wager, which only infuriates Carolyn.


Dean arrives at George’s beautiful and massive estate. George attempts to get Dean to give up then and there over drinks, but Dean declines, mentioning how Carolyn wouldn’t like it if he were to drink so early. George ignores this, downing both drinks, and then moves their conversation to his latest pet project.

At the site of a large real estate project, the two continue their conversation until they stumble upon a strange, old lamp. But when Dean attempts to take it as a gift for Carolyn, George insists that he’ll deliver it to her personally. And as they squabble, a genie named Marcus appears.

But when the two argue over who summoned him, Marcus makes a rare, one-time offer: because they can’t decide who gets the wishes, each man will receive only one wish. However, whatever they wish for, the other will receive twice over. Unwilling to make such a drastic decision without consulting his wife, Dean delays his wish for the time being. Meanwhile, George agrees only to use the time to figure a way to get his wish without Dean getting anything.


At home, Dean reveals to Carolyn what happened that afternoon, with Marcus appearing out of thin air as proof. And that’s when Carolyn convinces Dean to wish for a grand fortune, uncaring that George will benefit from this.

As Dean and Carolyn live a happy life without fear of being in need of anything ever again, George is restless. He cannot determine a way to get his wish without Dean benefiting. No way for him to simply wish Carolyn away.

And that’s when it strikes him: whatever he wishes for, Dean will get twice over. With that in mind, he makes his wish–against Marcus’ suggestion–that his life, all of his remaining years, be cut in half. And, as a result, Dean’s life is ended, immediately.


Sometime later…

Victorious over his fallen rival, George makes his move on the still-grieving Carolyn. But as they prepare to go out for the evening, George finds himself dying. Marcus returns in George’s final moments, clarifying that this is exactly as George wished. He halved his own remaining years to guarantee Dean’s death, but he never considered that he himself didn’t have much time left.

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