Cheers. Love. Play.

I was totally going to write poems for each hero in Overwatch, rotating through each class a hero at a time. Started with Mei (Damage), then followed up with D.Va (Tank). Today should have gone to a Support hero, but I’ve been sitting on this Tracer poem an extra week because I just had to drop the D.Va one after that fun animated short. So, I’m breaking my own schedule only three entries in. Oops.

Read this and more inĀ Cable-Knit Sweater, an on-going poetry collection on Wattpad.

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The blinkin’, dodgin’,
slipstream ridin’,
healer divin’,
wicked little pixie from London,
heart bigger on the inside,
life’s a perpetual state of deja vu,
strike it, reverse it,
she’s goin’ forward to go back,
cuz the world needs more heroes,
and this girl’s outta time.

Cheers. Love. Pray. Steve Arviso. 2018.

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