American Poltergeist

American Poltergeist, from director and co-writer Michael Rutkowski, is a generic haunted house movie. A group of young adults gather for a seemingly harmless time with friend only to learn the hard way that this is a horror movie. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I honestly thought people were just going to start fucking at any given moment.

American Poltergeist looks and sounds like a porno that forgot the sex scenes. The acting ranges from irritating to non-existent. The dialog is some of the worst I’ve legitimately ever heard from a finished and professionally distributed film. The audio quality and work is shameful. The editing is sloppy at best. I’ve seen better camera work and graphics in random YouTube and Facebook videos. The pacing is glacial. The plot is non-existent. And the only positive quality I could find to point out is it’s sub-80 minute runtime.

If you’re looking for a fun, traditional scare, do yourself a favor by ignoring American Poltergeist in favor of spending a couple of hours with any of the hundreds of wonderful, unique short horror films that are all over the internet these days. They’re just as low-budget (often more so) than movies like American Poltergeist, but far more creative, fun, and spooky.

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