There is a time and place for which there is a time and place.
This is not the time,
nor is it the place, I’m sorry to say.
It is some other time that is not quite a good use of it,
some place that is not quite the point,
and either really could be defined in rather simple and direct terms
if one gave a shit about brevity.
This is not that, though.
It is, however, what one might call
A Complete Waste of Time.

Complete Wastes of Time
from “Amoral Crackpot” Stevie Arviso.

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  • Sunless Sea
    Floating on my little boat,adrift in a sea of black,I pray the darkness won’t wash over me,but every night’s the same.
  • The Withered King
    From atop a throne of skins and skulls,deep in flickering dark,the Withered King held court.Musicians pained. Singers cried.Tattered husks of lovers and fiends dancedat the ends of their ropes.And when the damned couldn’t go on,that’s when the King did feast.


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The collected journal entries
of Dr. Howard Fine.

Where Stars Collide
Adrift in space with only
an AI for companionship.

  • Where Stars Collide (Chapter 01)
    01. GOODBYE, MOONMEN SOUNDSCAPE: THE SILENT VOID OF SPACE. THE WEAVER, A LARGE COMMERCIAL SPACE TRANSPORT, SAILS THROUGH THIS. NARRATOR: (VOICE-OVER) The silent void of space, somewhere just beyond Saturn. The Weaver, a large commercial space transport tasked with the safe passage of twelve-thousand souls, sails through this. And in just a moment, The Weaver […]
  • Elsewhere: Madness Worm
    DR. HOWARD FINE: The larval stage of the Madhouse Fly and closely related to the Peeper Creeper, the Madness Worm is a parasite with the unique ability to mimic up to several minutes of any combination of sound it’s been exposed to, often with a preference for human music. While originally thought to generate such […]


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  • Coyote
    Transcribed from tape labeled “Coyote.” ANONYMOUS: I never thought I could kill anyone. Until I did. All I wanted was some fuckin’ ice cream, man. It’d been pushing’ a hundred all week, and I was sweating’ like crazy every night, all night. And… I mean, y’ever been so hot you stick your head in the […]
  • Orientation
    “And that, my sweet, supple henchmen…” Girwin half-assedly lilted, and the grotesque, phlegm-clogged bleating of one of the newly hired sacrificial lambs in his morning tour group interrupted him mid-spittle. It was sometime before lunch next Tuesday in the sunlit foyer of a giant skull carved from the lone mountain on a small island in […]
  • Dougs in Space
    Douglas Anderson never left California in his thirty-seven years of existence. He once traveled as far north as Stockton for a one-week training seminar for a rental car company he worked for while in college. He also visited San Diego on several occasions, though he wasn’t particularly fond of it. (When pressed for a reason […]
  • There Goes My Nipples Again
    The woman wearing very little strutted across the parking lot, and the stupid man walked into a closed door. The door belonged to a charmingly inconvenient boutique located in a rather busy corner of a fictional town I’ve made up just now, the sort of place with people to eat, things to regret, and, I […]