I admittedly “google” words as a strange form of spellcheck. In fact, it often gives me better results than the actual spellcheck in my current word processor (do we even still call it that?).

That said, I recently did this with “succinct”. And, of course, part of that also gave me the definition through Google itself. Not from say Merriam-Webster or Oxford, but simply Google’s definition–or, at least, its preferred one.

And it was this, “(especially of something written or spoken) briefly and clearly expressed.”

My initial thought was, “Yeah, that’s what I figured it’d say. Why would it say it any different?”

But then I thought more about it.

Well, of course succinct would be briefly and clearly expressing something in writing or in speech. How the hell else would you express it if not written or spoken aloud? Who the fuck says, “That painting was very succinct.” Or, “That Metallica song was very succinct.”

That was a succinct drum solo, man.

That sexual stimulation was very succinct…

This is the shit I think about when it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’ve run out of porn.

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