On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at supernatural horror film Exeter!

When a group of friends party hard at an abandoned mental institution, they’ll not only wake up the next morning a little worse for wear but also at the mercy of a malicious spirit eager to possess and kill everyone…in Exeter.


Exeter, from director Marcus Nispel, is a twenty-minute short film stretched into a ninety-minute feature. It takes some twenty minutes for the plot to get moving. And whenever things finally seem set on shifting into a higher gear, it stalls again and again as if we’re watching the director learn to drive stick for the first time. And, if you listen closely, you can hear the grinding of the gears as the movie goes back and forth between a fairly straightforward bit of teen horror to something more tongue-in-cheek.

Simply put, this movie is slow, clumsy, and a bit of a hot mess.


Now, that said, Exeter is shot well. The actors are well cast. The performances are serviceable bordering on good. And even the blood and gore, as long as it takes for the movie to get to it, manages to be a bit more creative than it probably had any right to be–especially given how the rest of the movie actively attempts to underwhelm.

Had we been presented with some semblance of a story, a character arc that saw some sort of development to fill in the crack and gaps between the scares and actions and occasional (possibly unintentional) laughs, then Exeter would easily be a must-see.

But as is, your mileage is sure to vary should you find it in yourself to give Exeter a spin. Just don’t be too surprised if you find yourself looking to jump out the window the first chance you get.

So all that having been said:

While I’m sure there are those who will not only be interested in Exeter but actually enjoy it, I must give this one a NO CHILL, as I don’t believe that most who start the movie will actually finish it.

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