On this episode of The Nightly Chill, we look at supernatural horror movie, Demonic.

When a group of friends attempt to summon the spirits of the ghosts that haunt not only a house but also one of their own…they’ll leave only a confused police officer behind to piece together the tragic mystery surrounding all of their deaths…in Demonic.


Demonic, from writer-director Will Canon, is a terrible movie. It is filled with terrible actors reciting terrible dialog directed in a terrible manner. It is, without question, an 83-minute waste of time.

When the movie isn’t giving us the boring build-up to the least interesting seance gone wrong ever, it’s also trying to tell it’s own sequel. In it, Frank Grillo’s Detective Lewis is trying to solve the gruesome murder of several young men and women. And it jumps back and forth so frequently between the two stories, that the movie never manages to build up any momentum or some semblance of emotional investment in either.

Worse, the movie never makes so much as an attempt to be clever. It never dares to be different. And that means those involved either had no clue what they doing or they were fully aware of the terrible movie they were smugly serving up to audiences.

And in either case, I will not tolerate a movie that blatantly flaunts its distinct lack of quality or respect for its audience. A bad movie is a bad movie–no one sets out to make one. But people are prone to equating confidence with quality. And they are most definitely prone to making a quick buck.

It is a sincere hope that nobody else will waste their time by watching this error in judgment after hearing that Demonic is a big, fat NO CHILL.

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