Family Portrait January 17, 2017

SYNOPSIS While cleaning out a closet, a wife (CHERYL) discovers a box that her husband (THOMAS) has long forgotten about. In it is a dark secret from his childhood that haunts him to this day. But will his wife believe his story? A much newer idea than those written and posted in the past two […]

In the Red January 16, 2017

SYNOPSIS A cash-strapped couple resort to a questionable loan and must now resort to kidnapping and ransoming a young girl to pay it back. But what happens when they kidnap the wrong girl? Another dusty ol’ chestnut whose time has finally come. Been hammering at this off and on for about as long as many […]

The Silent Treatment January 13, 2017

SYNOPSIS The morning after a heated argument with his wife, a retiree finds himself receiving the cold shoulder. But worse, it seems as if a darkness threatens to swallow them both whole. This one is coming in a lot sloppier than my previous ideas over the past two weeks, and it has the least amount […]

Grand Ghoulish January 12, 2017

SYNOPSIS Tonight’s morbid tale of lust and matrimony is about a photographer, a married woman, and an affair that soon becomes a murder conspiracy. I call it, “Grand Ghoulish.” This one’s another early attempt at an audio drama that’s been struggling to come together for some reason. I think it was mostly convincing myself how […]

Beneath a Dark Star January 11, 2017

SYNOPSIS When a group of low-level crooks accidentally murder a helpless clerk, they’ll seek refuge in a nearby canyon. But there in the light of a dark star, they’ll come face-to-face with their worst nightmares. Another night, another old nugget I’ve dug up in the hopes of making it all work. And I think it’s […]

Love Bites January 10, 2017

An aging playboy meets his match when he falls hard for a strong, beautiful woman. But when he gives in to his old ways, he finds himself going from a relationship that would have lasted forever to being on the menu. I always loved Tales from the Crypt for being a campy yet dark and […]

W4M January 9, 2017

SYNOPSIS After catching her boyfriend red-handed, a young woman struggles to find peace in relationships again, refusing to trust someone new. And when she meets and begins dating a dashing and seemingly perfect man, she quickly becomes suspicious. But when she goes snooping, she discovers something far worse than she could have ever imagined. An […]

Behind Dead Eyes January 5, 2017

SYNOPSIS: After an accident leaves an artist blind in one eye, a successful surgery restores her sight. But it also allows her to see a beautiful, haunting spectrum filled with strange creatures. And while her strange ability brings her new success, it also brings her to the attention of some strange people and the very […]

For Assistance, Please Call January 4, 2017

SYNOPSIS: A man, BILL FOSTER, unhappy at home and work, finds himself at a bar one night. There he watches a loving, happy young couple, wishing he could have that again. But when a strange old man offers him a number and the promise to make everything right, will Bill make the call that could […]

A Tired and Lonely Place January 3, 2017

SYNOPSIS: After his wife suddenly leaves him, a struggling writer finds himself lost in depression and searching for purpose and direction. After a failed suicide attempt, a new friend convinces him that she has just what he needs to be happy again. But when that turns out to be a troubled love affair with a […]

Ben January 2, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Struggling to cope with the passing of his wife, an elderly man takes to drinking heavily and soon finds himself dreaming of his wife–now young and beautiful once again–and a special place from their past. But some dreams are simply not meant to last. The second day of my 365(ish) days of writing starts […]

In Still Darkness January 1, 2017

SYNOPSIS: A man returns to his hometown only to reunite with a long-lost friend who now appears to be haunted by something malicious from their childhood. But is it real or simply a figment of his friend’s imagination? UPDATED: 7:30(ish) 9:45(ish) PM [Now with more dialog!] The following is an incredibly rough mock up (I can’t […]

Nightmares on Elm Street December 20, 2016

A while back, Robert Englund did an interview in which he gave his own idea for a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. [otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered”]If I was in control of my own Nightmare on Elm Street movie, I have an idea I would have liked to see. I thought it would be great if the […]

Space Ghost: The Movie December 19, 2016

The following is a treatment for a Space Ghost movie that makes use of both the original cartoon series and Coast to Coast to present a past his prime, down on his luck Space Ghost set in modern day Los Angeles. While I never got a chance to watch either Space Ghost cartoon series when […]

Toys December 13, 2016

In easily my laziest effort to date (and that’s saying something), I review Toys, starring Robin Williams and available on Netflix!

The Angry Birds Movie December 12, 2016

On this episode of The Nightly Chill, I angrily review The Angry Birds Movie.

Black Snake Moan December 8, 2016

Sam Jackson is a retired blues musician-turned-farmer struggling with the aftermath of his wife’s infidelity. Christina Ricci is a young local girl with severe addiction issues who finds herself left for dead after a heavy night of partying. And when the two crosspaths, they soon discover they need one another if they’re going to have […]

Zootopia December 1, 2016

Tonight we take a look at Disney’s Zootopia, which sees a young bunny head to the big city to live out her dream of being a police officer.

White Rabbit November 28, 2016

On this episode of The Nightly Chill we’re taking a look at White Rabbit, in which a young man struggles to navigate the cold and often cruel world of small town America. But what happens when he’s finally pushed too far?

Turkey Day 2016 Special November 24, 2016

On this special episode of The Nightly Chill: Cinematico Magnifico presents the Top 10 Netflix Family Movies currently available to entertain you and your family this Thanksgiving weekend! For the impatient, the list is below. Spoilers for a top 10 list. 1. Chef 2. What About Bob? 3. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 4. Tarzan 5. Under […]